“The Land of the Free” is now available on Kindle

The Land of the Free” is a work of fiction that explores one possible answer to the question:  “What might those who’ve lost value lending money to governments do to recover what they see as their rightful property?”


The Description is here:

Cam Burrows of the Border Patrol discovers a massive military complex and air base in northern Mexico, staffed by Chinese nationals. He is captured and may not be able to get word back unless he can escape and find a way back to the United States.

Meanwhile Robbie Linssman uncovers a conspiracy involving his employer, a large shipping company. When he tries to notify the FBI, he turns up dead. His best friend and long-retired SEAL John Corson has soured on life. He wants nothing to do with any investigation but is reluctantly pulled into it. Joining Corson are Robbie’s daughter Jess and two others, Frank and Lyle, who have their own reasons for helping out. Jess and Lyle visit an island off Panama that holds the key to the conspiracy. Will they find what they’re looking for and live to tell about it? Will John and Frank, pursued by a paramilitary group trying to kill them, stay alive long enough to learn the truth and find a way into the White House to warn the President?

But President Jackson Torres has problems of his own. Drowning in debt and facing a financial crisis, he struggles with his unpopularity and is surrounded by cabinet members intent on their own agenda. President Torres finds his foreign policy is spinning out of his control and tensions with China are escalating in spite of his best efforts. As he is manipulated into a confrontation he can’t win and is in fact meant to lose, the very existence of the United States is in jeopardy.

In today’s world of budget and trade deficits, not much consideration is given to the motives of those who hold all that debt. When the inevitable happens and the bonds are devalued by inflation or default, what acts might the losers contemplate? “The Land of the Free” explores one frightening possibility as only a work of fiction can.

Here is a review from someone I gave early access to:

It’s not often you get to read fiction that makes you think “wow, I’ll bet it really does happen like that.” The Land of the Free does exactly that. Krakondack (a pseudonym) has a rare gift of painting a high-level confrontation in very convincing language, making you feel like you were in the room when it happened. For instance, the chapter where the President threatens to drop the pretense and tell the public how they are governed, and the Cobra’s response, had me highly agitated and really believing her threats. The masterful dialog is interspersed with crisp action that keeps you turning the pages to see the next plot twist. Yes, there are twists, particularly near the end as what you thought was happening turns out not to be exactly the case. Is it conspiracy stuff? Yes, and it’s written for those willing to take the red pill and open their eyes to the reality that things are not as they seem. But if that’s you, then this is the book for you. Why would the wealthiest entities in the world continue to lend money to a nation that can’t pay it back, value for value? Simple, because they expect something else in return, something of higher value. That premise forms the basis for the plot, and it is slowly revealed as something truly frightening. I truly appreciated that the author brought Mises into the discussion, even if it was just a passing mention. The teachings of that great economist are proving themselves more every day, and scenarios like the one painted here arise repeatedly in history when a nation is overcome by debt. The ending is unexpected, but it is on a note of hope for the future, something we need urgently. I unequivocally recommend this book.


About krakondack

An arrogant know-it-all who presumes to lecture qualified public officials, and other authority figures, on their errors and shortcomings.
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